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About Iron Roads
Iron Roads puts you in the role of a Railroad Baron, bossing your peons to victory. It’s as if Railroad Tycoon and FTL had a very complicated merger. All the fun of building a railroad empire AND bossing your workers around. Don't worry about micromanaging your Railroad Empire, that's what you've hired all these peons for. It's good to be a Baron, "Hey! You! Go get me some coffee!"


About Iron Roads
  • Office building, with peons! You can boss around!
  • Surveying, plan your rail links to best fit your strategy of domination.
  • Competitor AI's driven with unique goals, sometimes political and personal goals detached from profits!
  • Waterways, roads and airlines, Oh My! This isn't just a world of railroads, but goods move using alternative modes of transportation when efficient.
  • USA map with a procedurally generated economy


Hello, I'm MrPhil, I'm the programmer and designer for Iron Roads. Iron Roads was born out of my gamejam entry for Ludum Dare 13 in Dec, 2008, who's theme was Roads. I submitted what I had, even though the game was not completed. It's pretty hard to make a sim in 48 hours! Happily several people posted positive and supportive comments nonetheless. Since then, it has been a game I've always wanted to return to and finish proper.
Ludum Dare 13 - Iron Roads
Early this year I played the amazing FTL. After mulling over why I loved that game so much, an idea formed. I could use the same worker placement mechanic in Iron Roads. Instead of a ship filled with a crew, there could be an office building filled with employees. It would eliminate some of the micromanaging drudgery that usually ruins the end game of tycoon games and enhance the feeling of running one of the largest companies in history. So, here I am on the beginning of my journey to finish Iron Roads and I'm inviting you to follow along.



How do I preorder?
Let's not get ahead of ourselves. I still have a lot of work to do. Why don't you follow along on Twitter, Facebook or my Blog? Thanks!

I have a great idea, how do I reach you?
Awesome! Email me! Twitter me! I'd love to hear your ideas.

How do I help?
The best way to support Iron Roads right now is to vote Yes! on the Steam Greenlight page. Thank you!


The game is still in development, so now is the time to share your thoughts.
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